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The goal of St John's 2020Vision is to provide updated church buildings and grounds (on the present site) that will serve the St John's church family and southern Newport community for the next 50 years. The target date for completion is the end of 2020. A key driver is to maximise the community involvement and increase of utilisation of the the buildings and grounds.

It is anticipated that this will cost in the region of £750,000 and the church will be applying to trusts and other major funders for the majority of the funds. However we have set ourselves the target of raising 10% ourselves, £75,000. The 2020Vision was launched in the spring of 2015 and so far has raised over £35,000.

The church family and other organisations linked to the church are running fundraising events to help us raise these funds. Details of the events coming up can be found on the Services and Events page.

Ways you can help:


In Person

Give a donation by post or attending a service or event.


Regular giving

Set up a Bankers Order to give a regular amount. Contact the administrator to find out more details.


By Fundraising

Get sponsored for something, run an event, host a teaparty.....

Raise funds by getting other people involved in what you are doing.



We're working on this. Watch this space to find out more.


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